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Quickly Clone a Database in SQL Server (2016 SP1 & 2014 SP2) with DBCC CLONEDATABASE command

'Have you ever been in a similar situation where your PROD database size is in GBs or TBs, and for a code-release validation or some performance-fix you need to restore it on an Dev or Test server? You know that taking backup & restore will take lot of time, but you have no other option.

We also face this many a times as our PROD database size ranges from 500 GB to 1-2 TB, and we end up waiting 4-5 hrs in this activity.

There are even third party tools, but they also take good time and have their own pros & cons.

Now SQL Server brings a new feature with SQL Server 2016 SP1 & 2014 SP2, i.e. DBCC CLONEDATABASE, to create a new database clone of an existing database within seconds. The new cloned database created is ReadOnly, with no data, but with Statistics.'...


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